History of Council

The Seat of Local Government in the area was originally at Adavale and it was known as the Adavale Shire Council.  In 1930 the Centre of Administration was moved to Quilpie and the authority was then designated to the Quilpie Shire Council.

Members of the first Council of the Shire of Quilpie 1930-1933 were as follows:

Cr.H.J. Pegler (Chairman), Cr.F.B.Rutledge, Cr.W.Paterson, Cr.L.Rutledge, Cr.R.E.Gibson, Cr.J.Wade, Cr.E.J.Pegler, Cr.W.Hall, Cr.E.A.Sherwin and the Shire Clerk Mr.A.S. Narracott.

Brief Statistics of the Shire are as follows:

Area: 67,485 Square Kilometres

Populations: Quilpie 630, The Shire 1057

Average Yearly Rainfall:  346.4mm

The area is wholly devoted to grazing.  In that portion of the Shire roughly east of a line 130 kilometres west of Quilpie the wool industry prevails, whereas west of that line the main concern of the graziers is the production of beef.  Opal mining and production are important industries also within the Shire. Oil and gas exploration and production are also a booming industry.  Towns other than Quilpie within the Shire are Adavale, Toompine, Eromanga and Cheepie.


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