Quilpie Museum, Visitor Centre and Art Gallery


Ensure your first stop in Quilpie is at the Museum and Visitor Information Centre located in Brolga Street.  The centre’s building is shaped like a train to celebrate Quilpie’s position as the beginning and the end of the railway line.  As Quilpie is known as the “Home of Boulder Opal”, the building is painted in various softer hues of the opal.  In recognition of the importance of water in the Outback, a windmill graces the outer garden.  A collection of Hebel Sculptures depicting different aspects of the Outback, enhance the front garden.


The centre showcases everything you need to know about the Shire and the friendly staff reflect the warm hospitality that you will find everywhere else in the area.  The indoor interactive museum proudly displays the rugged history of the early pioneers.  Opal mining, native flora and fauna are just a few of the interesting topics covered in the museum.  The Shire Gallery hosts a different exhibition each month including travelling displays and works accomplished by gifted local artists.

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