How Rates Are Levied

Rates are levied on properties to help finance the provision of Council services throughout the shire.

Rates are issued twice yearly for the periods from 1st January to 30th June and 1st July to 31st December.

Quilpie Shire uses differential rating categories to ensure a more equitable basis for the distribution of general rates.

General Rate – The general rate is calculated using the unimproved capital valuation (UCV) issued by the State Government multiplied by the rate in the dollar set by Council.  A minimum rate is also set for each category.

Service Charges - i.e Water, sewerage, garbage are fees charged for receiving this service.

State Fire Service Levy - Council collects a fire levy from properties within the designated area on behalf of Queensland Fire and Rescue.


Ratepayers will receive a discount of 10% twice yearly if rates are paid by the date nominated on the notice.

Pensioner Concession

Eligible pensioners are entitled to a 20% State Government Subsidy up to a maximum of $180.00 per annum.

Eligible pensioners are entitled to a 50% remission on Council Rates and Charges up to maximum of $450 per annum (not including State Fire Levy) plus the 10% discount if paid by nominated date.

Application for Pensioner Rate Subsidy Form

For further information on the pensioner rebate,  please call the Rates Department on 07 46560500.


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