Distance from Quilpie: 96km North
Population: 25

Dating from 1880, Adavale was once the centre of the Adavale Shire. It once had a thriving township and was set to become more important with plans for a railway. However the government of the day redirected the railway line to what is now known as Quilpie.

Adavale’s population slowly declined throughout the 20th century to its present population of 15. With some of the most impressive scenery to be seen, the Adavale
drive offers tourists opportunities to get off the beaten track and enjoy the freedom of the outback. It is believed government surveyor William Alcock Tully named the town after his wife, Ada. Graves dating from the early 1800’s are a testament to the harsh lifestyle and daily struggle of the early settlers. A Mini Museum in the old butcher house displays local relics from over a century ago. Great spots along the river for Fishing, Yabbying, Birdwatching and Camping.


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