Distance from Quilpie: 108km West
Population: 45

Eromanga is famous on several counts, firstly for being the furthest town from the ocean in Australia and secondly for producing 1.5 million barrels of oil per year. The latest and most exciting claim to fame is the significant paleontological discoveries of Australia’s largest dinosaurs on a property near Eromanga. Several dinosaurs have been unearthed and the area is being heralded by scientists as the most exciting and prolific dinosaur site in Australia. Three of the dinosaurs have been named: George, Cooper (the largest dinosaur found in Australia) - Zac (one of the most complete dinosaurs unearthed in Australia) and –Sid (named after Sir Sydney Kidman). The bones will be displayed in the “Eromanga Natural History Museum” which is proposed to be built in the near future.  

To visit the Eromanga Natural History Museum and learn more please click on the link below.


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