Welcome to a lifestyle where, in summer, golf is played at night with an esky at every hole.  Where you will find an opal altar, lectern and font in the local church and where the 33-metre swimming pool is free.

Quilpie is the service centre for the shire, which covers 67,482 square kilometres.  Quilpie has all the necessities and many of the luxuries both visitors and locals demand.

The name “Quilpie” comes from the aboriginal word for “stone curlew”: quilpeta or quilpeter.  The stone curlew is a large ground-dwelling bird unique to Australia.  Quilpie is well known for many species of birds that enjoy the shire’s wide outback spaces and life giving waterholes.  To celebrate its feathered fame, all but three of Quilpie’s streets are named after birds.

The railway line to southwest Queensland begins and ends in Quilpie.  Up to 80,000 cattle and 20,000 bales of wool begin their journey here each year.

To help make your stay in Quilpie even more enjoyable, make sure you visit local opal shops, home decor, gift shops and bakery and see the work of local artists all around town.

Quilpie’s library allows you to keep in touch with friends and family in air conditioned comfort.  Send and receive your emails through the library’s internet facilities.

Demand for the outback art being created in Quilpie has taken off faster than the talented artists can keep up with it.

Visit Eagle Gallery, admire the murals and sculptures in the main street and then head to the Visitor Information Centre to find out about the local artists.



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