"Cattle Kings ye call us, then we are Kings in Grass Castles that may be blown away upon a puff of wind." - Patsy Durack 1878

Quilpie was founded on April 29, 1917, and is located on a mulga ridge on the Western bank of the Bulloo River and out of flood reach.

A colourful history of strength and persistence permeates the culture and characters of Quilpie Shire.

The quote by famous cattle drover Patsy Durack in 1878 sums up the pioneering spirit and tentative hold on the land. Today the theme ‘Kings in Grass Castles’ can be found throughout the shire. The quote is the title of a famous book, which has also been made into a telemovie. At the Quilpie Museum and the visitor centre you can relive stories from the past as told by the direct descendants of the early pioneers. Hear them tell their stories on interactive CD and video.

Listen for names such as Tully, Durack and Costello, who were among the first settlers. Hear struggles of flood, drought and the hardship of isolation from the people who experienced it.

The 45-metre streetscape mural in Quilpie - completed in 2003 by local artist Cheryl Pratt and supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland - depicts moments of the area’s rich history. Among the scenes you’ll find: the Adavale Post Office in 1907 with the Cobb & Co Mail; the sinking of the artesian bore in 1933; Amy Johnson’s famous plane landing in May, 1930; the Eromanga hotel in 1900; and the end of the line at Quilpie Railway Station. The mural in the Bob Young Memorial RSL Park depicts the various aspects of war and the involvement of locals in these campaigns.

To Do
Learn about the pioneering Costello, Durack and Tully families in the Quilpie Museum at the visitor centre.
Visit the mini museum in Adavale
Check out the end of the railway line in Quilpie
Learn about Amy Johnson’s historic flight in the Quilpie Airport Terminal
View the 45m mural in Quilpie’s main street
Visit the Royal Hotel in Eromanga and the Toompine pub and learn about Cobb & Co
Visit 200-year-old graves in Adavale
Piece together the old Quilpie Hospital in Quilpie
Visit the powerhouse museum in Quilpie
Visit Ray Station Tully-Durack 1874



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