Eromanga is now home to Australia's largest Dinosaurs - 'Cooper', 'Zac' and 'George'.

Australia’s largest dinosaurs ‘Cooper’ and ‘George’, were uncovered in the Quilpie Shire. The bones were found on a station near Eromanga nearly four years ago.  ‘Cooper’ and ‘George’ are both titanosaur dinosaurs and are estimated to have been at least 26 meters in total body length. Titanosaurs were among the largest living animals of all time, growing much longer than the largest whales.

George’s skeleton is so far represented by an incomplete femur (thigh bone) and some rib bone fragments. Copper’s skeleton is so far represented by two massive humeri (upper arm bones) and a lower arm bone. Because Cooper’s bones were found together, palaeontologists believe that there is more of the skeleton out in the field to excavate.

Palaeontologists from the Queensland Museum have compared the titanosaur bones found in Winton with these new discoveries found in the southwest and are confident that they are different species. That means the Quilpie Shire not only is home to the largest dinosaurs in Australia, it’s also home to a totally new species.

Did You Know
Coopers humerous weighs 100kg and measures 1.5 meters in length, just short of the world record.

To visit the Eromanga Natural History Museum and learn more please click on the link below.


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